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November 19, 1998

Blessing or a Curse?

I'm reading "Be Careful What You Pray For...You Just Might Get It" by Larry Dossey (the author of "Healing Words"). The basic theme of the book is that in the same way that prayer can have a positive effect on others, our thoughts and "curses" can have a negative effect on others.

Most of what he has written in the book is common sense. We obviously are ill effected by the negative things that others communicate to us.

The book has captured my interest as I think about various people that I have known throughout my life that seem to be living under a "curse."

What I mean by living under a "curse" is the ability to see everything under a different lens; (this is not by the way Dr. Dossey's definition).

How do I view the world around me? Is it full of potential or is it laden with traps?

The reality of the world is not our attitude about it but what in fact really exist. Yet given the same vista two people can see vastly different things. For the one opportunity, the other an impending disaster.

I have a friend who walks from one disaster into another. He seems to be under a "curse." But where does it come from?

I firmly believe that he expects bad things to happen to him and that he basically sets himself up for disaster. But why does he do this?

What is it about him that almost craves this outcome and where does it come from?

Personally I have a belief that our image of God is paramount to whether or not we live under a curse or a blessing. It's not my invention it is something as old as the Genesis. We operate differently if we believe that God has blessed us, in the same way that we operate in another way if we believe that we are cursed.

God is far off for most people so the agents of God's blessing or curse are not God but others. They are the people or rituals that communicate God to individuals.

For most people the agents are their parents. Do parents bless or curse the life that you lead? What subconscious power does that have over you?

People who have come to some level of belief that their parents are not God, but in fact human like themselves, religion often takes the place of God. Does your religious belief (even if you do not adhere to it) bless or curse your life? What subconscious messages are you receiving that underlie what you feel?

The goal of course is to be freed from anything "blessing or cursing" us except God. At least that is my goal.


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