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November 24, 1998

Giving Thanks for a Foggy Day

Okay, I've been silent for a few days during which I've left California and returned to Georgia this time by air. It took 3 1/2 hours to do what took a week to do in my vehicle.

In some ways I feel like an alarm has gone off and I've been rudely awakened from a dream. It's as if someone had just pulled the pillow out from under my sleeping head and with a jolt half awake I've been sent out into the night.

It's foggy here which suits me just fine. My mind is cloudy with the weight of thoughts which have settled down upon me with a thud.

I have not written anything on these pages since my last entry about blessings and curses. I would say that during my silence many essays about life have entered into my consciousness but I have held them all at bay.

Back here after only a brief time away things have changed greatly. The trees have lost their leaves which now blanket the earth paving my path.

Meanwhile the season of the year speaks of harvest and giving thanks. In the cloud of my mind I search for those things to give thanks for and they are many.

So as I venture to be with my parents these pages will once again be silent until Sunday. Then hopefully clear skys will prevail both in the heavens and in my mind.


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