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December 1, 1998

The Trial

I'll admit that I feel like Job.

I'd hate to think that God was sitting up in heaven and one day a month ago Satan paraded in and God asked if he'd noticed me. Then Satan in reponse said something like, "Yeah, but take everything away from him and then what will happen?"

Then God looking sternly said something like, "Well he turns 40 next week so he's due for a good mid-life crisis. Have at him."

So here it is the first of December and I am at square one. I'm looking for a job (little {j}). I need to move someplace preferably near the job and all of this at an age when most people are celebrating the fact that their kids are finally grown and headed off to college.

Sometimes I think God is like the former Tampa Bay Football coach Sam Wyche. I once watched a NFL films tape of the Buccaneers playing the Kansas City Chiefs. During the film, Wyche was shown continuously pacing the sidelines and screaming, "Wake up!" Next you would see him walking over to the bench and urging his players who were not happy with the way the game was going to "Wake up!" Finally he grabbed a player by the shirt giving him last minute instructions to send out to the quarterback, "Tell him to wake up!"

God is on the sidelines of life yelling at us to wake up. But to often the noise of the crowd or our own ego drowns out the noise of God that is until the game is over and we look at the scoreboard.

Maybe it's only half time and I'm in the locker room. I get the message, I hope.


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