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November 4, 1998

Congratulations Jesse!

The only time that I ever listened to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers radio broadcast during all of their losing seasons, was the one year that Jesse "The Body" Ventura provided color commentary for Bucs. Ventura using the typical bravado of a pro wrestler spoke the truth and threw in some exaggerations to make the point.

For those of us living in the southeast, Ventura dropped out of sight after that lone season with the Bucs. Now he has reemerged on the national season having won the Minnesota Governor's race. I for one am ecstatic about this development.

I'm sure some people are shocked, after all a pro-wrestler beating well established political figures? Why should this surprise anyone? Politics has developed in the last twenty years into nothing more than a pro-wrestling match. The good guys against the bad guys, constant spin, and one side hurling abuse at the other.

If that is the state of politics, which in my opinion it is, than one would expect that those who are the masters of this type of rhetoric namely pro-wrestlers would rise to the top as Ventura has.

If given the choice, I would much rather hear Jesse "The Body" Ventura on "Larry King Live" than Barney Frank or Bill Bennett.

So congratulations to Jesse who now wants to be known as Jesse "The Mind" Ventura. If I lived in Minnesota you would have had my vote too.


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