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December 16, 1998

Change of Address

This morning I dreamt that the space shuttle crashed when it tried to land. I think subconsciously I was reflecting on the immensity of creation and how sometimes it doesn't seem right that we are able to penetrate it.

Tonight the sky is very clear and the millions of stars very visible in the clear cold night sky. Every now and then a blinking light moving across the sky signifies the presence of an airplane I imagine carrying a planeload of weary travelers. They look so small from where I stand.

When I look at the stars at this time of the year I am always mindful of the ancients who navigated using the stars. The sky at night was a great road map that by viewing guided them.

Of course, I also think of the Magi who finding the star of a particular new born king left their homes and traveled in search of where that star might lead them. Which makes me think of myself.

I noticed a disk labeled with an unfinished project that I had entitled "Change of Address." It was a story that I started working on a few years ago. It begins with a young man moving.

He is loading his few belongings into the back of a truck. While he does so a small group gathers and watches.

They watch and chat among themselves. None of them offers to help even though the young man is clearly exhausted and drenched in sweat.

They just watch. They do not acknowledge the young man's presence or his departure. Although as he drives away they walk away only once peering back into the cavernous empty room.

I have left out one of them who does come forward not to help but to ask if the young man will be needing a particular piece of furniture anymore. The young man replies that he does not and then he helps the other carry the sofa some distance to the others room. Where the other person thanks him and then lies on his new sofa. Even he does not help the young man finish his moving.

That is the only part of the story that I finished. Somehow I guess the rest is still being written.



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