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December 20, 1998

View from the Hilltop

When I sit down to write this journal I usually have no preconceived idea about what I will write, I just write. In fact I do not place a title at the head of the page until I'm finished. Yet this morning I had an idea before I started writing. I even had a title; "Clinton's Three Day War" or "The Impeached President's Three Day War."

Last night while I was trying to watch the Buccaneers playing the Washington Redskins, the game was interrupted twice. The first interruption was by a partisan gathering of Democrats with their cult leader who now has risen to the level of victim in the minds of the popular culture. Of course say nothing of the fact that the people who are supposedly the lynch mob have had two of their leaders resign in the past month. The partisan cult gathered with their leader talked about how unfair the process had been because they hadn't been able to censure him for what wrong he had done.

Now the problem that I have with this censure thing is that the President was asking for them to do it all the while claiming that what he had done was a personal matter and that he had not lied under oath or really done anything publicly wrong. If that is true and to anyone who is not brain dead or brain washed it is not, there is nothing to censure the President for after all its none of our business what he does in his personal life. The cult is well aware of that on some level but has chosen to side with their cult leader because he stands for such ironic things as women rights, affirmative action (he has even been declared the first black cult leader by some African Americans), social security, education and of course Commander in Chief of our fighting men and women who are in harms way somewhere in the middle of the Persian Gulf. If the irony escapes you than you can declare yourself one of the brain dead or brain washed.

A side note about censure. Is it my imagination or has the body of the House of Representatives taken a big intellectual hit. Members of both parties (I never heard the one Independent member speak so I make no judgment about the Representative of Vermont), seem to be made up of people that would make the woman who cuts my hair look like a genius. In the midst of the Impeachment hearings one Representative kept referring to the President and the cult parties desire for "censoring" the President rather than censuring him. I refer you to a web page where I have posted a picture of Mary holding the baby Jesus and several angels "censoring" the family. I figured that the Representative may have been mistaken but after the gathering on the south lawn of the White House yesterday I think not, indeed she meant that the cult party would like to offer incense to the new King.

I had just about settled back into the football game when there was yet another break away for an important announcement from the President, he was calling off the bombing of Iraq. Now this whole war stunk to high heaven to me from the start but for it to end after the impeachment hearings were finished only added to the stench.

I know the cult members will put out propaganda against anyone who questions this action or they will ask are the British a part of it too? I think an herbal remedy that restores the blood flow to the brain might be in order for those who even ask such questions.

Now you being one of the loyal sheep may have me pegged as some right wing fanatic at this point and that is fine because the cult that you belong to preaches that message on a regular basis and you are a firm believer. Anyone who dares to confront the wrong doing of the cult leader is either a fascist (which strikes me is exactly what anyone is who doesn't allow someone to question their actions) or some other member of the non-tolerant group of your choice.

But please humor me for one moment. Jesse Jackson goes on national television and supports the bombing of innocent people in Iraq? John Lewis a man who marched for civil rights alongside Martin Luther King Jr. stands up and defends a man who used an intern as a receptacle for his sexual pleasure? Al Gore declares that this President will go down in history as one of the greatest less than an hour after the President has been impeached?

The Democrat party led the way in the 60's and 70's both for civil rights and justice for all people. It fought the corruption of politics where government trod on the rights of common people. Now in its adoration of the cult leader it seems to be fighting to preserve corruption.

I am against war. I hate the fact that we the most powerful country in the world filled the night sky of Iraq with our powerful bombs and killed innocent people while Saddam Hussein hid in his bunkers.

I am against people using people. I feel sorry for Monica Lewinski, Paula Jones, Susan McDougal and any of the other countless women who have fallen under the spell of the cult leader.

Finally I am against the Tampa Bay Bucs who have ruined the football season with their sporadic play.

Someone needs to be fired or resign. I know the cults answer; another Republican.



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