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November 8, 1998

A Rainy and Foggy Day

Note #1: Yes the cows were waiting for the gate to be opened this morning (see the previous entry for more explanation). In other news a calf was born to one of them yesterday.

I was driving out of the driveway and I noticed something brown lying near the fence. At first I thought it might be a dead deer that had been shot and had made it this far before dying. But on closer inspection I could see that it was a calf that was not dead but didn't seem all that lively either.

When I returned the calf was still there, eyes opened but not moving much. I decided to drive the truck into the pasture and have a closer look. When I arrived, I could see that the calf looked pretty good. It had just been born probably about three hours before. Jake a stray dog with a name ran into the pasture and started smelling the calf. This led to one of the Cows (the mother) making a charge for Jake.

After chasing him away, she started smelling the calf herself and then lifting it up with her nose. The calf like a drunk took its first steps, leaning on its mother as it did. Finally the two stumbled to another part of the pasture. Jake who is nearly as tall as me when he jumps was looking me right in the face.

Today is rainy and foggy. The weather forecast was for it to be sunny and cool, so this does not meet with any of my expectations. I have found myself humming "Greenville" a song by Lucinda Williams all morning.

It's kind of a depressing song, but one that definitely fits the mood of the day.

"You drink hard liquor, you come on strong"

It's a very good mournful song, if there is such a thing.

"Go on back to Greenville just go on back to Greenville."

It's also a traveling song, which I am getting ready to do.

I'm about to trek across the nation. I've watched the weather reports (I don't know why though) and there is some chance of snow along the way, which does not thrill me. There also is a great chance of rain, which thrills me even less.

"Go on back to Greenville just go on back to Greenville."

Well at least there is football to brighten up an otherwise depressing day. If it's raining or snowing during a game it usually is even more interesting.

"Looking for someone to save you

Looking for someone to rave about you"

Now if I can get that song out of my head.


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