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November 9, 1998

If a tree falls and there is no one to hear does it make a noise?

This morning the rain continues to fall, and there is a heavy fog over the countryside. I was walking up along the pasture to avoid the constant dripping from the trees.

The cat followed me, which was strange (I think the cat has some type of intuition and knows that I am leaving and like a good friend wants to spend the last few minutes with me--she is sitting on the porch right now outside of the window).

The cows were lined up at the gate. They mooed when they saw me come out of the house. I waved to them. I'm sure that made them angry, but they will still be waiting there when I come back down the hill.

The dogs were nowhere to be seen. The pig in its little house had its snout out but was still deep in sleep.

Halfway up the hill, I heard a very large tree fall in the woods. It piqued my curiosity, so I ventured into the forest to see it. Walking on the soggy leave covered road I could see nothing. I heard what sounded like a bird screeching and looked to my right and a large deer went flying through the woods. The cat was rubbing up against my leg.

Luckily I knew the cat was there. It reminded me of one evening when I was walking down the hill in the dark and one of the cats rubbed up against me and I almost had a heart attack. But this morning I expected it.

I walked further into the woods and finally found the sound culprit. An oak tree leaned wearily between two other trees having tipped out of the ground, its roots now exposed to the air. The ground is pretty well soaked here, and there isn't a lot of topsoil covering the rocky base.

Finally satisfied with my investigation, I headed here, the cat at my heels.

I'm supposed to head out this morning, which I guess I'll do. The weather is kind of nasty to drive in, but I should start making some progress. Hopefully I will be able to get online and provide a running commentary of the road trip.

The birds are chirping which has to be a good sign.


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