Experience Catholicism!



What is an Experience Catholicism weekend?

It can be a weekend or one-day event in your parish or retreat center where particpants will be immersed in the Catholic Spiritual traditions.
What will particpants learn to do at an Experience Catholicism weekend?
They will come to understand the source and summit of Catholic life the Christian Eucharist--the Mass, plus they will learn how to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, the rosary, the way of the cross and how to adore the Eucharist.
Why should I host an Experience Catholicism weekend in my parish or retreat center?
Catholics are longing to enrich their spiritual lives. The Experience Catholicism weekend equips them with the tools for doing so right where they are in their parish community or diocese. The weekend fills a very big gap often ignored by current methods of catechesis in both lifelong Catholics as well as converts on the key elements of Catholic worship.

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