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(this is a work in progress-if you know of a Catholic Author and their website please email me the info and I'll post it here)


Maureen Wittmann is the expert on Catholic Homeschooling, check out her website and new book!

To Visit Catholic Author- Maureen Wittmann

Mike Aquilina

Dave Armstrong

Bishop Robert J. Baker

Ann Ball

Johnnette Benkovic

Tim Bete

Therese Boucher

Cathy Brueggemann Beil

Anne Costa

David Craig

Fr. Alberto Cutie

John J. Desjarlais

Bill Dodds

Tim Drake

Michael Dubruiel

Fr. Stan Fortuna, C.F.R.

Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.

Christine Haapala

Pope John Paul II

Fr. Paul Keenan

Barbara Korsness

Peter Kreeft

Mary-Louise Kurey

Kathryn Lively

Pat Madrid

Angie Mangino

Bud McFarlane

Sr. Mary Catharine Perry, OP

Gregory Popcak

R. Thomas Richard

Mark Shea

Amy Welborn

Maureen Wittmann

Allan F. Wright