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Archabbot Lambert Reilly, OSB

Archabbot Lambert Reilly is the author of two books. His latest is pictured to the left, Latin Sayings for Spiritual Growth and is avialable by clicking on the book.

Father Abbot is the leader of the Benedictine community of St. Meinrad Archabbey located in southern Indiana. He has served the Church for many years in various capacities both as a teacher and spiritual director.

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Patrick Madrid

Noted apologist, Pat Madrid wrote this excellent little book as a handy reference guide for those who frequently have to defend their Catholic Faith against those who would say that the Catholic Faith is not Biblical. Madrid proves them wrong. You can obtain a copy of the book by clicking on it.

Pat Madrid is the editor of Envoy Magazine a popular apolgetics periodical.

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Johnnette Benkovic

Johnnette is the host of the popular EWTN program Living His Abundant Life. Her lastest book is a beautiful presentation of meditations for women who wish to see their feminity as a gift from God.

Johnnette also has a radio program heard around the country.

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Fr. Richard Hogan

Fr. Hogan has done a couple of books dealing with the unique theology of Pope John Paul II. In his latest book he deals with Heresies through the ages showing how they are always a break from the Creed the most fundamental statement of the Christian belief.

Fr. Hogan is a frequent guest on EWTN and popular speaker for Priests for Life and Natural Family Planning.

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Amy Welborn

Amy is my wife. We co-authored The Biblical Way of the Cross some years ago when we were just friends. She has since wrote a series of books in the Prove It! series for Our Sunday Visitor.

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