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Michael Dubruiel has spent his life bringing the truth and teaching of the Catholic Faith down to the level of the average person in both his speaking and  writings. Whether speaking to a large group at the National Conference of Catholic Educators or the Catholic young adult group in his local parish Dubruiel's message is deemed both needed and relevant. Catholic's want to know how to get the most out of their Faith and Dubruiel both writes and speaks at a level that enables his audience to accomplish that goal.
Michael and his wife Amy Welborn often team up to deliver a one-two punch in helping Catholics live out their Faith culturally and devotionally. The two have teamed up on several books dedicated to the rosary and the way of the cross.
Michael has several Master's Degrees in theology and Christian Spirituality and currently works as an Acquisitions Editor for the large Catholic publishing house Our Sunday Visitor. He and his wife Amy live in northern Indiana.

Michael and Amy with sons Joseph and Michael Jacob