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Here are some of the articles that I have had published over the past 14 years.

  1. "We Find Faith in Fiction," co-authored with Amy Welborn.
    Catholic Digest, April 1992. pgs. 97-99
  2. "A Novel Approach to Understanding Our Catholic Faith,"
    co-authored with Amy Welborn. St. Augustine Catholic,
    November/December 1992. pgs.10-11.
  3. "Our Cover-to-Cover Bible Study Group," Catholic Digest
    April 1993. pgs. 62-64.
  4. "Memento Viva!" New Covenant August 1993. pgs. 14-15.
  5. "Preaching that Stirs the Heart" New Covenant December 1993.  pgs. 7-10.
  6. "My Christmas Eve in Istanbul" Catholic Digest January 1994.
    pgs. 56-58.
  7. "Leaving Them Hungry for Jesus-A Simple Way to Preach" The Priest  March 1994. pgs. 37-38.
  8. "Causing a Believer to Stumble" New Oxford Review May 1994. pgs. 24-25.
  9. "Discerning the Work of Evil Spirits" New Covenant May 1994
  10. "Visions, Voices and the Church" Catholic Digest August 1994
  11. "Remembering the Dead" New Covenant February 1995
    pgs. 19-22.
  12. "Few are Chosen" The Priest June 1995
  13. "Prayer that Leads to Finding God in Daily Life" Pastoral Life June 1995
  14. "Coldhearted Consequences" co-authored with Amy Welborn. New Covenant August 1995 pgs. 13-14.
  15. "Candles in the Graveyard" Catholic Digest November 1995 pgs.53-56
  16. "The Village Creche" Social Justice Review Nov./Dec 1995 pgs.171-172.
  17. "No Greater Love" Praying January 1996
  18. "A Vacation with God" Ligourian June 1996 pgs. 32-35
  19. "Preaching that Leads to the Eucharist" Emmanuel June 1996
  20. "Josh Will be Healed Tonight" New Covenant November 1997
  21. "Neon Love" New Covenant April 1998
  22. "Respecting His Gifts" Our Sunday Visitor October 3, 1999
  23. "Am I Just Watching Mass?" Our Sunday Visitor October 10, 1999
  24. "Writing the Book of Your Life" Our Sunday Visitor October 17, 1999
  25. "In your 11th hour, where is He?" Our Sunday Visitor October 24, 1999
  26. "Death is still the 'new taboo'" Our Sunday Visitor October 31, 1999
  27. "Our Lady of Perpetual Help" Catholic Heritage (Collector's Edition) January/February 2000

  1. "Pilgrimage a Special Journey" Catholic Parent, May/June 2000 pgs.38-40
  2. "(Here Mention Your Petition)" New Covenant, August 2000 pgs.14-15.
  3. "Don't Read This" Bridges, November/December 2000 page B-11
  4. Book Review, Archbishop Chaput and Bishop Wuerl books, CNS, syndicated in Catholic newspapers nationwide, October 2001.
  5. Book Review, Cardinal Hume books, CNS, syndicated in Catholic newspapers nationwide, December 2001.
  6. Book Review,"America's Bishop" , CNS, syndicated in Catholic newspapers nationwide, February 2002.
  7. Book Review, "Algerian Monks", CNS, syndicated in Catholic newspapers nationwide, November 2002
  8. Book Review, "Shake Down the Thunder", CNS, syndicated in Catholic newspapers nationwide, December 2002
  9. "Remembering the Dead", Now and at the Hour, Jan/Feb 2003.
  10. "Resolve to Worship the True God", Our Sunday Visitor, Jan. 5, 2003
  11. "Is That All There is?", Our Sunday Visitor, Jan. 12, 2003
  12. "The 'Before' and 'After' of Sainthood", Our Sunday Visitor, Jan. 19, 2003.
  13. "Will We Sit And Watch the Destruction from Afar?", Our Sunday Visitor, Jan. 26, 2003.
  14. "Make Every Mass our Emmaus Experience", Our Sunday Visitor, April, 20, 2003
  15. "How to Get the Most Out of the Mass," Our Sunday Visitor, June 2005

  16. "A Passion for the Faith," The Catholic World Report, March 2006

Many of my articles have appeared in publications owned by Our Sunday Visitor. For more info on them you can click here to visit their site.