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Michael Dubruiel is available to speak to your group or parish. Most of the talks listed on this page are available in various versions and can be delivered in one talk or a series of talks. Given that Michael's job puts him on the road quite a bit it is possible that he may be in your region of the country during the year.

Exciting and  Timely Topics:

Speaking the Bible: Preparing for a New Translation of the Mass

A new translation of the Roman Missal has been approved by the English speaking bishop of the world--the implementation date still lies in the future, but you can prepare your lay ministers or parish now.

The Appeal of the Mass

Unpack for your people the depth and the riches of the Eucharist. Discover what so many readers of The How To Book of the Mass have and find out what makes them "Mass" evangelists buying copies of the book for their family members and friends.

Who is the Bride of Jesus Christ?

Clear up the confusion that your parishioners have when they are told by novels and documentaries that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus--in this exciting talk Michael uncovers what the New Testament says about the real bride of Christ and why it matters to every Baptized Christian.

How to Teach Like Jesus

Jesus had a method of teaching that is exhibited throughout the Gospels--and later picked up by the Apostles in the Acts. Michael lays out the steps and shows how you can revolutionize how you preach or teach--like Jesus did!

How to Get the Most Out of the Eucharist
Learn nine concrete, easy to remember steps that you can take to grow in your relationship with Jesus as you participate in the Mass. Based on the book of the same name.

For Advent:

Putting the "Mass" Back into Christmas

A great way to reign in the secular emphasis and reclaim not only the Christian season but the Catholic as well. Michael shows how the journey to Bethlehem (House of Bread) is truly a Eucharistic celebration.

The Bethlehem Code

Michael unlocks the not so secret message that the Angels announced to the shepherds on that first Christmas Eve and how the directions they gave them to find Jesus were as much for us as for the shepherds.

For Lent:

The Folly and the Power of the Cross

Learn what Saint Paul meant when he wrote to the church at Corinth that "the wood of the cross is folly to those who are perishing but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." Michael shows how the message of the Passion of Christ can bring joy to your life no matter what!



Michael Dubruiel is a writer and speaker faithful to the Church's Magisterium and enthusiastic and articulate in conveying the truths of our faith.

He spoke in our diocese at our First Annual Rosary Rally to a very receptive audience and helped all gathered for the event to deepen their devotion to our Blessed Mother and dedication to praying the great prayer of the Rosary. I am very happy to recommend him to you.

+Robert J. Baker

Bishop of Charleston, S.C.