Graven Image Journal
January 21, 2001

Thank God and Greyhound He's Gone!


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Clinton's parting remarks were, "We did good, we did good!"

The question I have is what exactly is he talking about? Does the good refer to his plea bargain at the last minute to avoid prosecution for perjury? Does it refer to the pardons handed out to friends and relatives? Does it refer to his constant spin and positions based on popularity polls for 8 years?

He did good alright...the level of cyncism in this country has to be at an all time high. Thank God he is gone and hopefully he will fade off into the sunset.


The weather here is still cold of course, but the snow has melted at a good pace. We still have about 3 inches of icy snow cover. Thankfully the sun is out today which is probably why I'm getting so much done. For those of you who don't live in the north you cannot imagine what overcast days does to one's spirit...

Something is better than nothing!