Graven Image Journal
October 30, 2000

Weekend Review


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Spent a good portion of Thursday night blowing leaves out to the curb of Maxine Drive, so that I wouldn't have to do this on Saturday when the Florida-Georgia game as well as the Nebraska-Oklahoma game was on.

I was very happy with the overall results of the games I watched this weekend. For the first time in quite awhile-Florida, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay and Miami (the Dolphins) were all winners!

This week I will be heading to Saint Meinrad for business and then on to Nashville to watch the Gator's play Vanderbilt. This is the customary gathering that usually takes place during the Florida-Georgia game with my friends Brian and Tony. Most years we have ventured to Jacksonville, last year we went to Cincinnati and watched the Jags play on Sunday after watching the FL-GA game at a Sports bar. This year Tony and I both living in places that have seen snow fly already were willing to make the trip to Jacksonville for a weekend in the sun. But Brian who is bored with good weather suggested the Nashville trip. So Nashville it is..currently the weather there promises to be mild this weekend in the upper 60's.

I spent a good portion of yesterday morning readying the basement for guests (namely Tony). We still our unpacking some of Amy's boxes. With winter around the corner the basement space becomes more valued by the day.

In web content news. The Catholic Shrine site that I have links from my book, novena and link site is pretty functional. I have information and prayer links to most of the shrines and will be adding personal experiences of my visits to each. As soon as I accomplish that I will be adding a lot more.

I'm also working on an author's guidelines site for authors interested in publishing with Our Sunday Visitor, hopefully that will be up and running before the end of today.