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Jan. 28,2001

Super Bowl Sunday


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I'm not all that excited about the Super Bowl today, I would have much rather seen the Tampa Bay Bucs as one of the teams or the Jacksonville Jaguars but... it is football and after a weekend without...absence makes the heart grow fonder so I will enjoy the game regardless.

My gut tells me that the Giants will win and probably by three touchdowns. My rationale for this which goes against every football prognostication is that in the week leading up to the Super Bowl the Giants have almost been invisible. Also as these matters go--games billed as defensive battles seldom are.

I see Trent Dilfer living up to his past billing and throwing at lest two interceptions and fumbling at least once. Out of these turnovers I think the Giants will score two touchdowns. I see them scoring another on their own and probably one or two field goals as well. I think the Ravens will be limited to one field goal.

So there you have it a fearless super bowl prediction that you can be assured of that it isn't from the morning paper or from any sports show. If I'm right, remember you saw it here before the game...

NY Giants 27--Baltimore Ravens--6